Prize Descriptions

Super Ticket

Want everything but can’t decide what to buy a ticket for? Buy a Super Ticket and get one ticket for each item in the raffle except the paid vacation day.
Price $99.00 per entry

Cash and More

Have the shopping spree of a lifetime. With $400 cash that you can use for anything that you desire - concerts, movies, books, gadgets, sporting events, and more – are all at your fingertips. This pack also includes a $25 Lyft gift card – to take you on your adventure, a $100 Amazon gift card, and a $100 Walmart gift card (good at Wamart,, and Sam’s Club) to stretch your shopping spreee a little farther.
This package includes: $400 in cash, 1-$25 Lyft gift card, 1-$100 Amazon gift card, 1-$100 Walmart gift card.
Price $30 per entry

1 Extra Paid Vacation Day

Need a break? This is your chance to win one extra paid vacation day for 2019 – take a longer trip, turn a 3-day weekend into a 4-day weekend, have a perfect staycation... It’s up to you. 
This package includes: One additional paid vacation day for 2019.  
Note: this prize is not included in the super ticket.
Price $21 per entry

Nintendo Switch

Switch and Play the way you game! Nintendo Switch is whole new way to game, designed to go wherever you do. Dock it at home to play on a traditional console, take it on the go for single player portable gaming, or play two player/split remote head to head games anytime, anywhere. Get more time to play the games you love, however you like with Nintendo Switch and invent new ways to play with Nintendo Labo. Build, create, invent – everything you need is there. 
This package includes: 1 Nintendo Switch Console and 1 Nintendo Toy-Con 3 Vehicle Labo Kit. 
Learn More: About the Nintendo Swtich at and Labo at 
Price $21 per entry

Citizen Tokyo Folding Bike

Whether you live in an apartment or are just tight on extra space, a Citizen Bike offers a great ride and convent, portable, storage. Take this folding bike on the train or subway and bike those last few blocks of your commute. Store it in your car for impromptu adventures. Whether you’re cruising the canyons, meandering the plains, or just away for the weekend, the 6-speed Tokyo bike offers unbelievable flexibility. It weighs just 30 pounds, folds in minutes (no tools needed), and keeps you rolling on airless, puncture proof, tires. 
This package includes: One Citizen Tokyo foding bike with never go flat tires. 
Learn More:
Price $15 per entry

Family Fun

Go on an adventure, build a fort, conduct an experiment, make a craft – this package has everything you need for tons of fun. There’s a $150 Visa gift card so you can purchase a membership to your favorite musuem. An Antsy Pants build set so you snap together a fort for those raining afternoons or build a market and sell lemonade. And a 3 month subscription to Kiwi Co science and art project kits. Each month your child will receive a new hands-on project to explore art, science, and engineering and you’ll get access to Online DIY Ideas for even more fun. Kiwi Co kits are for all ages from babies to teens. 
This package includes: 1 $150 Visa gift card, 1 three month subscription to Kiwi Co kits, 1 Antsy Pants Build and Play Market Kit, and 1 Antsy Pants Tent Cover.
Learn More: About Kiwi Co at About the Antsy Pants build sets at
Price $12 per entry

Adventurers Pack

An adventure is waiting for you! Did you know that there are 58 National Parks, which cover more than 84 million acres of land all across the United States? With your 2019 National Park annual pass, you’ll have a free ticket to explore the unique beauty of all our National Parks. Boating? Camping? Backpacking? Snow Camping? The GoSun Go lets you bake, boil, steam, or roast gourmet meals wherever you are using just the sun. Weighing only 2 pounds it’s ready to go whenever you are. And to help you get there, this prize also includes a $75 gas gift card. 
This package includes: 1 2019 National Park Pass, 1 GoSun Go, and 1-$75 gas gift card.
Learn More: About the National Parks at and GoSun Go at gosun-go-boil-water-cook-meals-with-solar-power. 
Price $9 per entry

Day Out

Simple pleasures are waiting... Go out and enjoy the day with a picnic and a fabulous bottle of wine. This prize includes a Whole Foods gift card so you can buy your favorite picnic foods, a picnic hamper (to help you carry all your treats), a Lyft gift card (so you don’t have to drive), and a wine squirrel so you can savor a glass of your favorite wine and keep save the rest with that just uncorked flavor.
This package includes: 1-$50 Whole Foods gift card, 1-$25 Lyft gift card, 1 Sunflora Picnic Backpack with 4 person service and picnic blanket, and 1 Wine Squirrel. 
Learn More: About the Wine Squirrel at
Price $9 per entry

A Year of Amazon Prime

Read free books on your Kindle; stream or download movies, tv shows, and original programming; listen to music; watch Thursday Night Football without cable; get free games; store your photos; get free two-day (or same day) delivery on your orders; save money at Whole Foods; listen to Audible channels – its all included with Amazon Prime. 
This package includes:  1 year of Amazon Prime and 1-$25 Amazon gift card.
Price $3 per entry


Enjoy commercial free, unlimited viewing, of TV shows, movies, documentaries and award winning Netflix original programming on any internet connected device. Netflix has over 6,000 movies, 1,600 tv shows, and 700 original programs.
This package includes:  1-$150 gift card for Netflix.
Price $3 per entry

Fire Cube

Control TV and more with just your voice using the new Fire TV Cube. Fire TV Cube include Alexa and is a 4K Ultra HD streaming media player. With the Fire TV Cube, you can control compatible TVs, sound bars, and A/V receivers. Plus, tune to live TV channels with cable or satellite boxes. With the Fire TV Cube you can check the weather, listen to the news, and more – even with the TV off. Ask Alexa to play music, view camera feeds and control lights, thermostats, and other smart home devices, make phone calls with Alexa Calling & Messaging, control playback of content (play, pause, resume) in many of your favorite apps (Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, and more) – just ask. 
This package includes:  1-Fire TV Cube with Alexa voice remote, ethernet adapter, IR extender cable, power adapter, and high speed HDMI cable and 1-$25 Amazon gift certificate.
Learn more:  About the Fire TV Cube at 
Price $3 per entry


Make dinner (and entertaining) easier – and fast – with the Power Elite digital air fryer. The 5.5-quart cooking capacity gives you a ton of space to fry all your faves – fries, onion rings, steaks, chicken, wings, and more – using little to no oil. Seven presets, adjustable temperature control, and an adjustable timer make it as easy as ever to serve up tasty meals or snacks for your family or a crowd. And clean-up is a cinch – the fry basket, basket divider, and cake pan are dishwasher safe.
This package includes:  1-5.5-qt air fryer with cake pan, fry basket, basket divider, 30-recipe booklet and a 1-$50 Safeway gift card (good at Safeway, Albertsons, Vons, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Carrs, Shaw’s, Star Market, and Jewel)..
Price $3 per entry

High Flying Dreams

Turn your dreams into reality. Grab a coin and scratch off your tickets to see if you won $10 Million (or more). And before you scratch off those tickets, have a high flying adventure with the PowerUp Dart. It turns any paper airplane into an amazing (app controlled) plane that can do loop de loops, barrel rolls, and more. (It even has landing gear.) And who knows, if lady luck is smiling you might even be able to buy yourself a real plane and take to the sky. 
This package includes 7 CA Lottery Scratcher tickets: 1-$30 ticket (win $10 Million), 1-$20 ticket (win $5 Million), 2-$10 ticket (win $1 Million), 1-$3 ticket (win $30,000), and 1-$2 ticket (win $20,000). 
Price $3 per entry
Learn More: About the PowerUp Dart at www. powerup-dart-appcontrolled-paper-airplane