Full Name
Jonas Kjellstrand
Job Title
UCC advisers
Speaker Bio
Jonas has over 25 years’ experience as a director and advisor on the intersection of technology, society and business. He has a proven track record of delivering accurate and actionable knowledge to make strategic and tactical decisions.
As a senior strategic advisor, Jonas advises board of directors and management teams on how to take advantage of technologies, serve existing and access new markets. His global outlook allows him to think from many different perspectives and with his pragmatic approach he knows how to go from thinking to action.
Jonas draws on his broad industry knowledge from being the owner of IT-startups, manager in financial and insurance services, expert in a fortune 500 strategy consultancy, research executive in IT industry as well as senior expert adviser in a global software company. While these different industries represent a broad coverage, they all have in common being subject of an increasing complexity in their value chain and at the same time a changing business model with increased competition.
For many years Jonas was a fellow at a Silicon Valley IT research institute focusing on global trends were IT played a key role. Jonas worked with leading companies and how they use technology to transform their industry and business. Jonas also lead research initiatives such as new business innovation, the technology impact on society and business and strategies for a connected world.
Jonas describes why this role suits him, “I enjoy engaging with leaders and their team around how to fit the future of their business acumen with current strategy and execution. In particular, I like making visible the strategic value of the broader sense of digitalization in the day-to-day business to serve customers well.”
Jonas is a member of organizations such as International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), G20y and The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).
He is frequently invited to speak by companies like Harley Davidson, Ericsson and Vattenfall and also organizations such as World Economic Forum, OECD and ESSSAT.
Jonas is educated at Stanford Graduate School of Business and Stockholm School of Economics. He holds an MBA in technology Innovation and business strategy.
When outside his normal tasks, Jonas can be found collecting, restoring and designing cars, and he designed the world’s first environmentally styled hybrid car in 2007. He is based in Stockholm with his wife and family of four children.
Jonas Kjellstrand